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[1] Boy am I thankful that I’ve never had poison ivy before and that I have a contained “infection” because it’s a real pain in the…. arm — which is where I have it. Must have picked it up with … Continue reading

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ANGELS AMONGST US – Volunteer Parent-Members

In a world where most people move at break neck speeds and never stop to smell the roses, let alone help another human being, I sometimes find myself searching the crevices and cracks of my life for a helpful soul … Continue reading

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I drive a lot (for a non-commuter)! I log 52+ miles per day during the week just dropping off and picking up the kids from school. Most of that is getting to and from the boys’ school and almost every … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness – Help With Parent/Child Support Group

I’d like your help. I have some questions for all of you parents out there like me — those with children who happen to be blessed with an extra chromosome. I’ve taken the first few steps toward starting a local … Continue reading

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I’ve said this before but it warrants repeating… Some days are harder than others to be thankful. But, those are the days where being mindful of what I’ve got is the only thing that lifts my overburdened spirits back to … Continue reading

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Earth Worms and Honesty

It’s Earth Day and my tree-hugging daughter and I are going out for lunch. Out, that is, to one of her favorite local nature areas — Hempstead Lake State Park — with a garbage bag and gloves to pick up … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Fatigue In the Animal Kingdom

I learned something new today. I love learning new things especially when it’s acquired with laughter: I always thought that we humans were the only ones in the animal kingdom that ignored our fatigue and just kept on ticking… like … Continue reading

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