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Half of a Hair Cut

They FINALLY let me cut their hair for summer!Here’s what they would look like if they chose different styles…Not looking so identical now! LOL Not to worry, I did finish the job! Click for more Special Exposure Wednesdays on 5 … Continue reading

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You Think I Have Down Syndrome All The Time!

My boys don’t have Down syndrome when they’re eating at Wendy’s, their favorite restaurant! The story linked below was forwarded to me through a yahoo group I belong to of families with multiples where one or more has Down syndrome… … Continue reading

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Motherhood Post-Crisis Fatigue Reflex

I know I’m not the only one who’s ever felt this way. I can’t be. But boy do I feel exhausted… and frustrated with all the child-rearing stuff that’s still on my plate after all I’ve been through. I know … Continue reading

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Growing up, I read the story, “Footprints”, about a faithful man coming to the end of his life and finally having the opportunity to meet Jesus at the gates of heaven. Throughout his life he’d been promised that Jesus would … Continue reading

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Long Drives & Family Gag Reflexes (Not for the Weak-Stomach)

WARNING: This post is not for readers with a weak-stomach. It’s for those of us who laugh our butts off (not literally unfortunately or I’d have the tiniest derriere this side of the Mississippi!) at those who have strong gag … Continue reading

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Life Is Short!

“ I wish they had this in Penn Station when I was commuting. You can bet I’d take THAT Fast Lane EVERY SINGLE DAY! I mean, seriously…. Why walk when you can glide through life? Never pass on an opportunity … Continue reading

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You CAN’T Make This Stuff Up!

So there we are, sitting around the ER triage bed when the doc comes in to examine my sick Little Man. As he prepares to put the stethoscope to my baby’s chest, he hears the faint sound of giggling behind … Continue reading

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