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Down Syndrome Awareness — Separation Anxiety With a [Twin] Twist on Transition Tools

Brian and Michael both had tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy surgery at the end of March. Both went to the ER for dehydration. Both were kept up well into the night being poked with needles, hooked up to IVs and x-rayed. Brian, however, had … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness — Questions About Incidence

It just occurred to me that I have not seen any new statistics on the incidence of Down syndrome in a long time. I’d be interested to know if it has changed at all worldwide and, especially, locally — in … Continue reading

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I’m thankful for: [1] time (time to do the things I have to; time to do “optional” things; time to do nothing at all; time to spend with my kids; time to blog; time left in my life…)[2] sleep (we’re … Continue reading

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Random Funny Thought by My Old Soul

The other day as we made our way down Sunrise Highway — which, for all you non-Long Islanders is a road that goes from the NYC border in Queens nearly all the way to “The End” in Montauk (though it … Continue reading

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ANGELS AMONGST US – The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I usually don’t check the mail box. Either Olivia and Grandpa do it after school or the “Sarg” does it when he comes home. I guess I don’t check myself because whatever is out there will still be there when … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness — Pit Bull Parenting (with a secondary message on profiling)

Foreword: Profiling is acting based on predisposed beliefs of a group stereotype. In a scene from Men In Black II – Michael’s current favorite — Agent J’s newest partner, Frank (a pug dog), accuses J of canine profiling. If you’ve … Continue reading

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THANK GOD IT’S THURSDAY! Every day this week felt like Friday just HAD to be tomorrow because I’d already been through a full week… hadn’t I? No? Not yet? Oy! [1] I’m incredibly grateful that tomorrow is Friday. No, I’m … Continue reading

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