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Some days it’s harder than others to be thankful. I’m going through some tough thinking right now which will inevitably lead to some tough decision-making regarding the boys’ health and education. That’s not to say they’re not healthy — the … Continue reading

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“Are there Angels Amongst Us” you ask? Seems I’ve been short on recognizing my angels these past few weeks. You know… those people that magically appear out of nowhere just exactly when they’re needed, do a good deed without being … Continue reading

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"Mr. Blue Sky" — Loving Who You Love

I recently had the pleasure of watching a captivating and thought-provoking movie called, Mr Blue Sky ( While the movie was about a lot of things… For me, it was mostly about unconditional love and the right, and sometimes fight, … Continue reading

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My Happiness Commandments

I realize I’ve been skipping posts. So, just to catch up (for myself), I’d like to take a moment to document my own list of what my happiness mentor, Gretchen Rubin at the, calls her “12 Commandments”. These are … Continue reading

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THANKFUL THURSDAY – On Diet & Exercise

I’m not thankful, today or the last 3 days, for the number on my bathroom scale. I tried, truly, and lost nothing! NOTHING! I ate healthy 5-point breakfasts and lean 3-point lunches for 2 weeks… And, THAT’S my reward? NOTHING? … Continue reading

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On The Dignity of Risk

“Over protection may appear on the surface to be kind, but it can be really evil. An oversupply can smother people emotionally, squeeze the life out of their hopes and expectations, and strip them of their dignity. Over protection can … Continue reading

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ON THURSDAY! Hooray! [1] Thank GOD for my family Social Worker (a much-needed holdover from Early Intervention). With all the stuff that goes on in my wonderful life, I can hardly keep track of the issues I need to address … Continue reading

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