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A "Blog Hop Til You Drop" Welcome

While I would love to be in Chicago meeting my favorite Moms of blogging fame, unfortunately, being the stay-at-home mom [blogger] that I am — young kids… a couple with special needs and all — my place is at home. … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness & Happiness — The Cross-Road: Asking for Help

I was catching up on my blog reading on one of my favorite blogs,, when I thought I’d add my thoughts to Gretchen Rubin’s latest entry on “Asking for Help”. Unfortunately, the site wouldn’t accept my response. I think … Continue reading

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THANKFUL THURSDAY – This Too Shall Pass!

Thank God for Thankful Thursdays, I might’ve forgotten to stop and think about what I’ve got to be thankful for were it not for this post-commitment. [1] I’m thankful that despite what terrible physical shape I’m in — that includes … Continue reading

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Special Exposure Wednesday – Then & Now

The pic I wanted to load wouldn’t so here’s the sub… Then (6 months old) Now (4 years old)

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Doing The Right Thing… Doesn’t Always Mean Things Come Out My Old Soul’s Version of "Right"

Doing the right thing makes me feel good about being a human being sharing this planet with others. It makes me feel good about me. I try to do the right thing even when it’s not the convenient or easy … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness — A "NORMAL" Weekend

I know I still owe you all Part IV of my “Back to School” Grass Roots Advocacy Efforts but I need a chunk of uninterrupted time to sit and write out what our “talks” are about and all the various … Continue reading

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Special Exposure Wednesday – Asleep At the Wheel

Like my beautiful little boy, I’ve been asleep at the wheel.It seems I neglected to visit the blogosphere this weekend! Sorry! And this one below… Because a few of you commented on my blog banner photo, here’s the whole pic. … Continue reading

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