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You Know It’s Summer When…

In the movie “Hotel Transylvania” a young boy teases Count Dracula, saying, “Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah” mimicking his famous Transylvanian accent. Drac replies, “I don’t say ‘Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.’” in exactly the same way the boy had teased.  So, here’s my blah blah blah… … Continue reading

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A-Political Again

Oy, not ANOTHER political phone call! In the end, I was briskly thanked for my time and effectively hung-up on by a conservative, Romney/Ryan campaign support organization. It seems they’ve made yet another anti-Obama movie and are looking for ME to … Continue reading

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Thank God it’s Friday!

Boy, I’m not keeping up at all in the blogosphere. This whole back-to-school/co-chair of the 6th Grade Fundraising committee thing is REALLY time consuming. I’d like to say, “bummer for me!” but I’m feeling grateful that I don’t have to … Continue reading

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Hope: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

How can I wrap being thankful up with a touch of forgiveness and living in the present all in one blog post? That’s a tall order for any closet writer but that’s what I’m feeling right now. Yesterday was a … Continue reading

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10 Reasons I LOVE Being a Mom to my Special Kids!

I sometimes think us mothers of children with special needs are more tired than mothers of children without special needs. Maybe that’s true… maybe not. Since I’m fully in the first category, I cannot speak for what life is like … Continue reading

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My Life Through Rose Colored Glasses

I am nothing if not grateful for this life I’m living.  I am imperfect and I’m thankful for that.  Perfection is such a hard target to reach and then too stressful to maintain.  Waaaaaay too much work!  I’ve got other important and … Continue reading

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Happiness is a Foot-Rub!

I have been remiss in writing about my pursuit of happiness.  Unfortunately, I’ve been entrenched lately in some sad and/or difficult situations.  I’m not down-and-out by any means, but I am allowing myself to mourn my Dad’s passing in addition to just being overwhelmed … Continue reading

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