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Special Exposure Wednesday: Believe In Santa?

Old Soul: Uh oh Mom! There’s another Santa here! The real Santa has a REAL beard! And a real belly… not stuffed with a pillow. And real boots… not those plastic covers over his shoes. And he knows our names … Continue reading

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In the quiet hours between dusk and dawn, especially on this particular night — Christmas Eve — it is easy to remember all the blessings in my life. The greatest of these by far, are the 4 people sleeping soundly … Continue reading

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Special Exposure Wednesday: Christmas Is Coming… And so is Santa!

Last year the boys barely got close enough to shake his hand… This year, Santa so totally rocks! Brian thought the big guy in red could really use a genuine, good old fashioned hug!

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A Simple, But Profound, Random Act of Kindness

I used to think that the random acts of kindness I chose to undertake had to work out well for the target. That is, I had to do something that somehow improved someone’s life in order to get credit in … Continue reading

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THANKFUL THURSDAY – Dedicated to My CPSE Committee

Yep, today was one of those days. As I said previously, the parent of a child with special needs makes all educational decisions by committee. You convene the committee if you want to change anything, add anything, question anything, remove … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness –CPSE: It Works If You Work It

I’m in the throes of preparing for the boys’ transition from CPSE (preschool) to CSE (Kindergarten). Though the process of collecting information started at their birth, 4 1/2 years ago, the boys are getting closer and closer to the reality … Continue reading

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THANKFUL THURSDAY – Better Late (Maybe Not This Late) Than Never

I was tossing and turning and finally decided to get up and get thankful so I can go back to sleep peacefully. Maybe I couldn’t sleep because I was worried that I hadn’t gotten my Thankful Thursday post up on … Continue reading

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