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Fanning the Flood Waters Away…. Away… And Away Again!

Friends and family are taken aback over the fact that I’m still smiling with 2″ of water in my basement. They don’t understand why I feel so LUCKY that my basement is submerged and my very expensive carpet is floating. … Continue reading

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Happy 101 Award

Here are the rules: 1. Copy and paste the award on your blog. 2. Name the person who gave the award to you and link to their blog (or hyperlink). 3. List 10 things that make you happy. 4. Pass … Continue reading

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From 5 lbs to 50 in Just 5 Years

The Boys were born 8 weeks premature, healthy and breathing on their own. Weighing in at a respectable 4lbs – 15oz and 4lbs – 11 oz, they measured 17 3/4″ tall and just barely made the tail end of the … Continue reading

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Tending to My Garden When Happiness Eludes Me

For me, the absence of happiness — which is not the same thing as un-happiness — has been linked to what comes down to overwhelming circumstances. Generally, I fare well if my family, friends and loved ones are faring well … Continue reading

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Advocacy Approaches — The Bull in the CSE Shop or Advocating with Grace?

I may have mentioned that I’m attending a Lay Advocacy Training program sponsored by the Long Island Advocacy Center AND hosted by the Long Island Parent Center. The course offers parents and educators the opportunity to learn more about the … Continue reading

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"We Are More Alike Than Different!"

Like every blogger, I love comments. I read each one like I’ve just heard from a dear old friend and I ponder the thoughts each commenter expresses. Yesterday my dear old friend “Anonymous” left a thought provoking comment on my … Continue reading

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Embrace the "Typical" As Well As the Exceptional!

When it comes to playing in the snow…. The only special needs they have are warm gloves and a good pair of snow boots! Don’t ever lose sight of the extraordinary typical-ness of your babies!

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