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Look Who’s Juicing Now!

I’m on a roll…. Inspired by my 50th birthday, after a 10-year sabbatical to have and raise my kids I’ve decided it’s high time I started taking care of myself again… just a little bit. Now that I’m not working (thanks … Continue reading

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Thank God it’s Friday!

Boy, I’m not keeping up at all in the blogosphere. This whole back-to-school/co-chair of the 6th Grade Fundraising committee thing is REALLY time consuming. I’d like to say, “bummer for me!” but I’m feeling grateful that I don’t have to … Continue reading

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September 11, 2001 — Looking Back… Again!

Originally posted on Take A Walk on the Happy Side:
I’m not sure I can do this story justice. I’m not sure I can capture the essence of this day, 8 years ago. This photograph — with New York City’s…

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If it’s Too Hard to BELIEVE Then Just Suspend Your Disbelief

[Hold on a minute while I climb back up onto my sturdy old soap box that’s mostly been collecting dust over there in the corner this summer.] I have heard and read some very discouraging points of view lately. More, … Continue reading

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