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A History Buff in the Making?

When My Big Little Man saw this picture of himself with his sister and brother at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, he pointed and said, “Amelia – Earhart’s – Plane!”  He is 100% right!  It IS Amelia’s “little red plane”, the Lockheed Vega 5b. … Continue reading

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Angel with a “Capitol” A!

Several weeks ago we made an impromptu pilgrimage to Washington DC at the end of our February break.  I’d have written about it earlier but I didn’t have any pictures to go with it.  THAT’S because, through no fault of … Continue reading

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Diagnosis 911: Is it really ADHD?

After 5 months of counseling, we have a working diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD without the hyperactivity) with secondary Anxiety, a touch of perfectionism and perhaps a smidge of OCD. I see the Psychiatrist to get the official diagnosis for the … Continue reading

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Happiness is a Foot-Rub!

I have been remiss in writing about my pursuit of happiness.  Unfortunately, I’ve been entrenched lately in some sad and/or difficult situations.  I’m not down-and-out by any means, but I am allowing myself to mourn my Dad’s passing in addition to just being overwhelmed … Continue reading

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A Eulogy for My Dad

Bernard Marshall 12/24/1931 – 03/02/2011 I couldn’t make up my mind whether to stand up to talk about my Dad or be still and let everyone remember him in their own way as Dad, Grandpa, brother, uncle, friend or neighbor.  … Continue reading

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