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Not Just Another Sarah Palin, Family Guy, R-Word Advocacy Rant!

I’m so tired of all the insults flying back-and-forth over the recent Sarah Palin-Family Guy episode — Rahm Emanuel and Rush Limbaugh issues notwithstanding. Truth is, I think Family Guy is an incredibly rude and NOT funny show. They use … Continue reading

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A Boy and His Remote — An "Uh Oh" Moment!

As I was sitting here in the great room, preparing a new blog post for today, the Old Soul yells to me from the living room… “Mom, Michael did something funky with the remote and I don’t know quite how … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Wisdom Out of the Mouths Of MY Babes [With Down Syndrome]

My dear old Uncle — Dad’s older brother — died this week. He was 79 and infirm. It was sad though not entirely unexpected after his long illness… Still, one never quite expects such things even when we know it’s … Continue reading

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Will Their Lives Turn Out OK?

Remember those Magic 8 balls? You’d ask a question, shake it up and wait for a cryptic answer to appear in its watery window… “No Way” or “Try Again” or “Maybe so”. When it comes to my children with Down … Continue reading

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Under The Influence of a Diagnosis

What if, when your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) packet was distributed to potential service providers, there was no diagnosis provided right up there on the first page and in the top 2 inches of information along with your child’s … Continue reading

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What Dealing With Down Syndrome Taught Me About Dealing With Alzheimer’s

Isn’t it odd how we can overlook something we know and practice in one area of our lives but neglect to apply that same ingrained principle to other, similar situations that are haunting us? No, you don’t need to stop … Continue reading

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Grab Your Peace As It Comes

Peace and serenity are not always within my reach given some of the crazy stuff going on in my life lately… Having 2 out of 3 children and an elderly father all with special needs requiring particular attention just now … Continue reading

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