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Be Careful What You Wish For

“Mom, the cat’s out again!” We have 2 phenomenal house cats… though I’m not sure one of them is aware of that (the house part). Tippy and Willow are our Lynx-point Siamese cats. They’re the most wonderful, loving and interactive … Continue reading

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THANK GOD Christmas is over! I love the holidays but they really do drain the life blood out of you… don’t they? I enjoyed the days leading up to and the day of Christ’s birth and even getting together with … Continue reading

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Some people are givers and some are takers. Amongst the givers, some do so to get something back. Others just give for the sake of giving without any strings or expectations. That’s Marko. He’s my friend of 16+ years and … Continue reading

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Celebration of Life – Christmas ’08

I hesitate to start my Christmas Letter on a dark note, but the recent Black Friday trampling death at our local Walmart Store affords us an incredible opportunity to focus on the meaning of Christmas. A man died because shoppers … Continue reading

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My House!

Some people take great pride in their homes. The neatness, the style, the decor, etc. Believe it or not (the “not” is for those of you who have seen my home)… I do too! Of course, when you start in … Continue reading

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Prejudice: To prejudge; an opinion made without adequate basis; a judgement; a detriment to one’s rights. Because of my sky-is-the-limit attitude toward raising my boys, because the school they attend does not “specialize” in Down syndrome and because their “disability” … Continue reading

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We’ve watched The Polar Express more than a few times these past few weeks. The kids love the whole train thing and I love the theme… BELIEVE! I recently received an email with the subject line, “This will BLOW you … Continue reading

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