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ANGELS AMONGST US – The Pan Man and The Cart Girl

I pride myself on always trying to do the right thing. I teach this concept daily to my children through my words and actions. I explain to them, and I know first hand, that doing the right thing is not … Continue reading

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Celebrate The BIG Things… Right?

We’ve all heard the adage, “Celebrate the BIG things” as often, probably, as we hear the opposite adage that says, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Well, sometimes those lines get blurred along the way and the small stuff becomes big … Continue reading

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This morning’s not-so-deep Thought: Do you think Thankful Thursdays came about because Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday? Are half of you saying, “duh, Maggie!” _____________________ On this quiet Thanksgiving morning, I have much to be thankful for just as … Continue reading

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My Happiness Guru Takes A Walk on The Happy Side

I’m so excited! I just saw MY name and blog up in lights over at the Happiness-Project. Honest, I never expected that and I’m so very flattered and excited and honored that my happiness guru, Gretchen Rubin, would spend even … Continue reading

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THANKFUL THURSDAY – Happy Happy Happy!

In keeping my positive thinking promise to myself, I’ve managed to maintain my recent refocus on how very lucky I am in so many ways for yet another day. If I manage to string a few more of these happy … Continue reading

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ANGELS AMONGST US – Angels & Families

Yet again, I apologize for my absence to you all and to myself. I made a BIG mistake taking a break from blogging which, effectively, turned out to be like taking a break from my happiness. God willing, it won’t … Continue reading

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Special Exposure Wednesday – A Bit of Autumn Respite

Despite their discomfort, there is always JOY! Always! Check out more Special Exposure Wednesdays on 5 Minutes For Special Needs.

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