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Thoughts on Common Core from Arne Duncan’s “White Suburban Mom”

I haven’t been blogging much… Too busy helping my children with special needs navigate the new world order of education thanks to the Common Core initiative adopted by NY state courtesy of John King et. al. But, Arne Duncan’s recent … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness – Parenting By Committee (And I Don’t Mean Husband & Wife)

You may have heard I recently volunteered as a Parent-Member of the Committee on Preschool Special Education and Committee on Special Education. That means the school district will call me (or another available volunteer parent-member) to participate in the CPSE/CSE … Continue reading

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ANGELS AMONGST US – Volunteer Parent-Members

In a world where most people move at break neck speeds and never stop to smell the roses, let alone help another human being, I sometimes find myself searching the crevices and cracks of my life for a helpful soul … Continue reading

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NY State Action Alert – Oppose Early Intervention Parent Fee Proposal

Please share with other NY parents and Early Intervention Service Providers: Background: Brain research demonstrates that the stimulation and interaction a child receives during the first 5 years of life are critical to permanent brain development. Early intervention services can … Continue reading

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