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Robert Ethan Saylor: A Death in the Down Syndrome Community

As I begin to write this I acknowledge it’s going to be a stream of thought — of consciousness and subconsciousness — that will ramble about and around a massively controversial subject that I am torn up over and conflicted about … Continue reading

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Unexpected Angels — The Carney Man

I’ve come to realize that encountering angels is really about me being open to their aura as opposed to the angels not shining their golden light on me and mine. The more stress and/or less grateful I’m feeling, the more I fail … Continue reading

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ANGELS AMONGST US – The Good Out Shines The Bad

Sometimes we are able to recognize the good only when it out shines the bad. And so it is with the Angels Amongst Us that I am recognizing today. As new members of the Long Island Children’s Museum (LICM at … Continue reading

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I’ve said this before but it warrants repeating… Some days are harder than others to be thankful. But, those are the days where being mindful of what I’ve got is the only thing that lifts my overburdened spirits back to … Continue reading

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There is a child in my daughter’s class who has a bit of trouble at school. His family struggles financially as well as with knowing how to address his special needs… Perhaps because his mother has been critically ill for … Continue reading

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