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Thoughts on Common Core from Arne Duncan’s “White Suburban Mom”

I haven’t been blogging much… Too busy helping my children with special needs navigate the new world order of education thanks to the Common Core initiative adopted by NY state courtesy of John King et. al. But, Arne Duncan’s recent … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness — Separation Anxiety With a [Twin] Twist on Transition Tools

Brian and Michael both had tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy surgery at the end of March. Both went to the ER for dehydration. Both were kept up well into the night being poked with needles, hooked up to IVs and x-rayed. Brian, however, had … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness — Another Resource For Information

I am an “evidenced-based” mom. That is, I want to know that what I’m trying is not so much experimental but achieves results based on some level of scientific evidence or proof. Some translate that to mean I am a … Continue reading

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