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Coming Clean on Potty Training – The Last Bastion of Control Revisited

So, I still stand by my potty training post a couple of years ago. However, I’d like to revisit our potty-training efforts in hindsight, and share the progress we’ve made since then. Yep, I’m coming clean! Something my boys have … Continue reading

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (“The Swallowing”)

It’s 7:50 pm on a school night. The Old Soul has, miraculously, finished her homework and is already in her jammies, and The Boys are in the bath. I am blissfully ahead of schedule… a very rare occurrence. When I … Continue reading

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A Developmental Boost for Your Child with Down Syndrome (or Without)

When it comes to my children — 2 of whom happen to share identical genes including an extra 21st chromosome (aka. Down syndrome) — I’ll do anything to help them be happy, succeed on their own terms and to clear a … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness — 31 for 21 — A Day Behind; Delays Ahead!

Here’s my post for yesterday. It was delayed! No particular reason except I didn’t do it… yesterday. But, here it is today. I purposely didn’t post for Down Syndrome Awareness yesterday to make THIS point. Delays are just delays. They … Continue reading

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