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Robert Ethan Saylor: A Death in the Down Syndrome Community

As I begin to write this I acknowledge it’s going to be a stream of thought — of consciousness and subconsciousness — that will ramble about and around a massively controversial subject that I am torn up over and conflicted about … Continue reading

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My Life Through Rose Colored Glasses

I am nothing if not grateful for this life I’m living.  I am imperfect and I’m thankful for that.  Perfection is such a hard target to reach and then too stressful to maintain.  Waaaaaay too much work!  I’ve got other important and … Continue reading

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I “LOST” My Child

You remain calm at first.  You think, it’s just another one of those momentary losses of visual contact with one of my kids.  As a Mom, it happens here and there throughout my days and life.  Not so unusual. He … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness: New Special Needs Blog & Post — Inclusion, Kindergarten & Compromise!

Did I mention that I’ve been invited to contribute to a new blog called Living With Special Needs?  I have but less often than I want and need to.  You can find me writing there up to two times a month along … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness — Be The Change!

There’s something I want each and every one of you to ponder and get back to me with your ideas and thoughts.  This past weekend my family and I participated in the Long Island Buddy Walk at Heckscher Park in … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness — The Dreaded R Word Spoken In My Very Own Home

NOTE:  Sorry I’ve been incommunicado in the midst of the 31 for 21 Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  But, as Kimba says over at A Soft Place, sometimes it’s OK to reprioritize and put the people who matter most in our lives at the top … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness — A Second Child and Then Some

THIS story, the one I’m about to share, chronicles the wave of emotions I FELT about the miraculous little babies that came to grace my life forever just five short years ago.  It’s an honest account of a string of difficult days that ran together … Continue reading

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