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Down Syndrome is Now Just Our Backstory

Somewhere along the way Down syndrome has sort of faded into the background of our existence. Life, as it pertains to The Boys, has stopped being about the role Down syndrome plays in the issue-d’-jour and has become, instead, about My Beautiful … Continue reading

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Hope: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

How can I wrap being thankful up with a touch of forgiveness and living in the present all in one blog post? That’s a tall order for any closet writer but that’s what I’m feeling right now. Yesterday was a … Continue reading

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Holland’s Just a Stop-Over On Your Way to HERE!

So people–those of us who advocate for and, generally, have children with special needs–are talking about the “Welcome to Holland” story again.  Honestly, I took offense to it the first, second and sixtieth time I read it.  It took me six … Continue reading

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My Life Through Rose Colored Glasses

I am nothing if not grateful for this life I’m living.  I am imperfect and I’m thankful for that.  Perfection is such a hard target to reach and then too stressful to maintain.  Waaaaaay too much work!  I’ve got other important and … Continue reading

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After my unpleasant experience at Trader Joe’s a few months ago, I’m a bit sensitive to my children’s behavior in public places.  Given folks have greater expectations of my boys who happen to have Down syndrome (they have to behave … Continue reading

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ThINKING THANKFUL — Back In The Saddle!

Being overwhelmed with the challenges of the boys’ recovery from surgery as well as the health issues of a few of my close family members, over-layed with my inability to accomplish even the most minute task because my children are … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness — 31 for 21 — "God Doesn’t Make Mistakes"

A new-found friend and Co Mom-of-a child-with-DS Blogger, Tracey at, shared this on her blog. And, though I generally prefer to create content on my own versus just circulating other folks’ content, I thought this was worth repeating. So, … Continue reading

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