You Know It’s Summer When…

In the movie “Hotel Transylvania” a young boy teases Count Dracula, saying, “Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah” mimicking his famous Transylvanian accent. Drac replies, “I don’t say ‘Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.'” in exactly the same way the boy had teased.  So, here’s my blah blah blah… While I miss blogging, I’ve been too busy living my life up close and personal to find the “free” time to sit in front of the computer. Maybe it was that PTA Co-chair commitment (thankfully, over now) or perhaps it’s just the natural life cycle of blogging. Don’t know for sure but I often find myself WANTING to be here… Sadly, blogging is an entry too low on my WISH List even as my To Do list flow-eth over. So blah blah blah blah blah. With the excuses out of the way….

 *                    *                ON TO SUMMER!                 *                    *

YES, SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY HERE! School is out and the solstice is upon us. There are a few things near and dear to my heart that scream summer to me like nothing else. Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a free outdoor lawn concert — and it made me want to share all that I LOVE and anticipate about summer.

Blues Traveler played a free concert at Eisenhower Park last night! Fifteen years ago, Lou and I saw this still-rockin’ band at Red Rocks stadium in Colorado for the 4th of July! And, it was just as sweet hearing the sound of John Popper’s harmonica again, this time with my children. Summer sure is off to a good start! My children and hubby sat in their lawn chairs eating a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken propped on my lawn-chair-turned-serving table while I sat in the grass wishing I’d brought my camera! We kicked and volleyed a giant beach soccer ball in a family circle, and helped my Big Little Men perfect the drop-kick. We strolled leisurely around the lake — in the shadow of the Nassau County September 11th Memorial and watched the swallows swoop and dive for the evening bugs. My Little Man — perhaps still a bit traumatized by his Disney shark tank snorkeling expedition — asked, pointing, “Mommy, sharks in here?” “No” I reassured him… “not very big ones anyway!” That pretty much guaranteed he and his brother wouldn’t take a dip in the lake! LOL

The scent of “Family Off” wafted in the wind, barely — but thankfully — drowning out the sweet smell of cannabis from the group nearby celebrating summer in their own special way. My Old Soul caught her first lightning bug of the season… a friendly little fella who found sitting on the tip of her finger signaling to prospective mates preferable to his labor-intensive flight… until small flashes in the dusk light caught his attention and he flew off to get in the game.

Yes, we are getting in the game this year too! I’ve already marked my calendar with every free outdoor summer concert within a 25 mile radius that I deem worthy of dragging my family out at night for. Like last night, I’m pretty sure every other member of my family thought they’d rather spend the evening winding down — The Boys watching Drake & Josh reruns, the Old Soul watching Transformers Prime on Netflix and DH aimlessly cruising the worldwide web on The Boys’ iPad — with absolutely NO ONE thinking about getting up for school in the morning! But I know from experience that, as a family, we can’t go wrong being outdoors and listening to good music… Besides, LIVE is so much better than Memorex (remember that now obsolete 80’s cassette tape commercial?)!

IMGP1071Of course, summer is not summer without the squeal and splash of backyard swimming pools. And, we add our laughter to the cacophony of summer daily! My kids have been swimming nearly every day — yes, even in the rain (as long as there’s no thunder and lightning) — since the pool opened over a week ago. As soon as the pool ladder was tossed over the wall, after school swimming replaced homework assignments and the conversation changed from “You have to finish your homework!” to, “You have to get out of the pool and have dinner before bedtime!” Even at home, though, my Little Man asks every single day before taking that plunge, “Mommy, sharks in here?” I’m not sure how he’s going to feel about going to the beach and swimming in the ocean this summer… but if I hope to help him get over his fear of sharks, I guess I’m going to have to stop joking about it. (BTW – nothing bad actually happened in the shark tank except his mask flooded and, as a result, he tried to climb my head out of the pool LOL.)

As my kids dive for deep-sea treasures and leap off the ladder onto floating islands, I abandon my To Do list and give in to perusing my unread back issues of DIY magazine at the poolside table in search of how-to ideas to fix-up this old house, or to pulling weeds between the patio bricks and tending our flower pots while watching the kids swim. But when it gets really hot, I’ll float amongst my children with the newest copy of “O” unfazed by the water droplets wrinkling the pages. My Blue Heaven!

Between the smell of sunscreen, barbeques and fire pits, and the sound of Big Time Rush, One Direction, and Kelly Clarkson emanating from the Old Soul’s iPod in the window, dogs barking happily, cats sitting in open windows and the  (hopefully) distant hum of landscapers beautifying the neighborhood, I am a happy camper. Speaking of that, with several northeastern camping excursions — including Niagara Falls — spattered across our summer calendar, I’m prepping the pop-up and we’ll be outdoors, barbecuing, riding bikes and relaxing in nature in and outside of our own backyard for the next 2+ months!

And, just for the record, Down syndrome did not attend the concert with us. Attention Deficit wasn’t there either… Not for us! It was just me, my hubby, the kids and John Popper’s harmonicas taking in the evening moon glow, keeping company with the lightning bugs. Yes, I do LOVE the carefree days and leisurely nights of summertime! How about you? How do YOU honor the summer season?


About Maggie

I'm a stay-at-home mother of 3 children including a 15-year-old daughter, the Old Soul, and 11-year-old identical twin boys who've been blessed with an extra 21st chromosome (aka: Down Syndrome). I happily spend my time doing all that I can do -- breaking the proverbial box wide open -- to foster my children's development and then sharing what I learn with you through this blog.
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