Thank God It’s Friday… Well, Yesterday!

Thankfulness is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. I’m inherently a thankful person but I sometimes forget to remember. To counter this too-busy-to-notice syndrome, I find that actually writing about the things I have to be grateful for is like saying a prayer out loud. Somehow putting it into audible (or readable) words instead of just feeling it in my heart is a more direct path to my brain. And, I’m a bit of an over-analyzing brainiac. For me, hearing it from the outside in (versus feeling it from the inside out) helps me to know it intellectually. As a result, I think I trust it to be truer. You know, some of us girls learn to be so mistrusting of our feelings along the way… (or, maybe that’s just me!)

Regardless, out loud works for me. So, with no further ado, I bid you my top 5 reasons for being thankful on this very fine morning:

Happy Wakers… As Usual

1. My kids are still sleeping and it is oh so gloriously peaceful. LOL. It’s not that I don’t absolutely LOVE the sound of my children giggling themselves awake, I SO do! It’s that I love the solitude and promise of the early morning… The sound of the fish tank running, the snore of my dogs (my boxer and bulldog are angels when they sleep LOL), the birds singing loudly before the humans drown them out, an occasional sigh and stretch emanating from the bedrooms upstairs. I’m happily reminded, in the most peaceful way, that I am a very lucky Mama… with a sacred moment to herself.

2. My Boys are healthy… even when they’re not. Yes, the Big Little Man has a double ear infection, sinus infection and bronchial infection. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? But he’s a pleasant little bugger, even sick. AND, he and his matching counterpart haven’t any chronic health conditions as a result of or, perhaps, despite their extra 21st chromosomes and all the overzealous websites saying they would, should or will. They don’t and I am oh so grateful! All three of my children are vibrant, active, happy and healthy human specimens!

Aiming for a Healthier Me (1995)

3. I’m healthy too (despite my best efforts at self-sabotage)! And, this is a sort of tough one for me because those stupid emotions keep telling me I’m fat and old… and my brain, unfortunately, concurs. That is, I am overweight and, at 49, I’m no spring chicken. But I am a healthy, summer-lovin’ chicken with a dream of improving on what I’ve already got. I have no health problems save my weight which, fortunately, doesn’t keep me from living my life or doing what I want (mostly)… except maybe wearing that bikini!… which is a good thing. So, I can admit that I’m thankful for my health while I continue to try to lose this darn weight and eat healthier! (I secretly want to grow up to be one of those beautifully healthy, fit-n-trim, yoga-lovin’ 70-year-old ladies that look like they just ran a marathon!)

4. I’m a lucky girl to have the opportunity — especially in this economy — to NOT work, again. Before kids, I worked those long 70-hour work weeks so common to a New York City career. Since kids, I’m lucky to have been able to work on and off as a contractor/freelancer whenever the opportunity presented itself or the need arose. But I am truly lucky that my husband understands the parenting workload in our family — especially the part that involves educating our kids with special needs. (Oh don’t be so shocked I said that. It’s not a newsflash that special needs parenting is a tad more work than not special needs parenting. We’re allowed to say we work harder as parents of children with special needs because we DO!) And, I am beyond grateful for the husband I have who gets it, and knows that the scattered moments (like this one) and broken little bits and pieces of my day when I’m not engaged in parenting-related endeavors are moments I need to rejuvenate… or fix up this old house as the case may be. Or, maybe take up yoga so I can fulfill that secret little dream I just mentioned above.

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

5. And the final reason I’m grateful this morning is that we are making progress on the house again. Yes, it is slow going, do-it-yourselfing this old house (built circa 1824). But we have come a LOOOOOONNNNNGG way and have recently taken a major step toward, well, maybe not a finished product but at least possibly closing out a 7-years-open building permit. J&L Modern Concrete — the same guys who poured the foundation for our extension seven years ago… and who know full well what mishaps lurk around every turn when working on this old house — will be replacing the front wall of our original, crumbling brick foundation as well as pouring footings for our long-awaited, wrap-around, rocking chair porch. Yeah! Just picture me (the healthy, just-ran-a-marathon version), a cup of tea and my laptop, relaxing in my Adirondack wedding chair on an 1820’s replica of a rocking chair porch enjoying the wee hours of the morning as I tap out my Thank God it’s Friday “Top 5 Reasons I’m Thankful” list! Oooooh…. HEAVEN!

And, with that image, I wish you all a day filled with joy, with laughter, and with thankful moments you recognize and manage to appreciate while you’re in them.

(Gotta wake The Old Soul… she’s going to be late for school!)


About Maggie

I'm a stay-at-home mother of 3 children including a 15-year-old daughter, the Old Soul, and 11-year-old identical twin boys who've been blessed with an extra 21st chromosome (aka: Down Syndrome). I happily spend my time doing all that I can do -- breaking the proverbial box wide open -- to foster my children's development and then sharing what I learn with you through this blog.
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