THANKFUL THURSDAY – Here’s to Good Health

[1] I’ve got a cold! I don’t really feel great… but I don’t feel all that bad either. A little more tired than usual… But, I’m able to function — ya know, do what I gotta do — without too much anguish (LOL). It’s JUST a cold! Otherwise, I’m all right! I know an awful lot of people who can’t say the same right now with the flu season upon us… and worse! Gotta be thankful for what I’ve got as much as what I don’t. I’m healthy… except for this stupid little cold!

[2] One of the boys has a cold. He’s pretty good during the day but the nights are a bit tougher for him breathing-wise. Still, he’s doing pretty well also. It’s just a cold! No vomiting, no fever, no diarrhea (knock knock). I’ve gotta say, I’m really pretty thankful it’s just a cold.

[3] Hopefully, his cold doesn’t interfere with the hi and his brother’s scheduled surgery… which is not serious but needs to be done. It’s not heart surgery or anything life threatening (hear me knocking again?) I’m thankful they haven’t had any of those serious health issues.

[4] The old soul’s cold is just about gone already. Not too severe and short-lived! Yeah! Gotta be thankful for that!

[5] Sarg has a cold too but with the OTC cold meds he’s taking, he’s still functioning! G-r-a-t-e-f-u-l! He’s gotta be well to work the Yankee play-off game tomorrow night! See? All that OT pays off in the end!

[Bonus Round] Even my Dad just got a clean bill of health! No problems with the brain, heart, cardio-vascular system, blood flow etc. Just typical signs of aging with no big red flags. That’s great (although it doesn’t explain his recent memory loss but we’re working it). It’s one less thing to worry about. It also means I’ve got good genes! I and my children should live good long and healthy lives! I’m shooting for 100 myself… brain and body intact (hopefully). I’m thankful for my Dad’s contribution to my longevity…. Oh yeah, and for his good health too! (LOL)

Here’s to my and my family’s continued good health! And, here’s to your good health!


About Maggie

I'm a stay-at-home mother of 3 children including a 15-year-old daughter, the Old Soul, and 11-year-old identical twin boys who've been blessed with an extra 21st chromosome (aka: Down Syndrome). I happily spend my time doing all that I can do -- breaking the proverbial box wide open -- to foster my children's development and then sharing what I learn with you through this blog.
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