Special Exposure Wednesday: Deep Thoughts From The "Old Soul"

My Old Soul was practicing writing her bubble letters today, in green of course, and made a big sign with her very own, original deep thought (you remember those from SNL?):

“If There’s Nothing You Can Do, Do It!”

There’s much wisdom in that statement!

About Maggie

I'm a stay-at-home mother of 3 children including a 15-year-old daughter, the Old Soul, and 11-year-old identical twin boys who've been blessed with an extra 21st chromosome (aka: Down Syndrome). I happily spend my time doing all that I can do -- breaking the proverbial box wide open -- to foster my children's development and then sharing what I learn with you through this blog.
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8 Responses to Special Exposure Wednesday: Deep Thoughts From The "Old Soul"

  1. starrlife says:

    Extremely wise and beautiful, wow!

  2. Miranda says:

    Love the lighting.

  3. What pretty pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog on this Wordless Wednesday. The pic is not my dog but it something mine would do. She got caught in the corner near the end table and I had to move the table so she could get out she was trying to be like the cat! LoL

  4. Great pictures! Sounds like she is very wise!

  5. Run DMT says:

    Beautiful pics! Thanks for visiting my blog today. Happy WW!

  6. Michelle says:

    She does look like she was deep in thought! Thanks for your comment! I've got your blog bookmarked now 🙂

  7. Stephanie says:

    Sweet pictures. Excellent thought!

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